MyPlanner Professional – Client-Centric Licensee

About MyPlanner

The world of financial advice has changed forever. The financial planning industry will never be the same and it will continue to change at the rapid pace. To thrive as an advice business demands a robust business model and operating system that helps you deliver quality advice efficiently to your clients.

At My Planner, our prime function is to be the focal point for leading proprietors of financial services businesses who want to build quality businesses based on the highest levels of professionalism and service.

Our Philosophy

At MyPlanner, we offer a different kind of financial planning that attracts a different kind of financial adviser.

People who are confident, capable and clearly stand out from the pack. People with strong individual aspirations and an equally strong desire to learn and grow as part of a supportive team.

“People who value simplicity, integrity and transparency”

At MyPlanner, there are no hidden fees and no hidden agendas. What you see is what you get and what we say is what we mean. We understand that advisers want to be part of a network that’s easy to do business with, which is why we offer industry-leading software and systems.

But it is the strength of our personal partnerships that really sets us apart. We don’t dictate. We collaborate.

Our Objectives

  • Attitude

    Success depends on an attitude of mutual respect and co-operation not only between the adviser and the licensee, but among advisers as well. They must all want to work together to achieve common objectives.

  • Standards

    There must be no compromise in ethical or professional standards. With the general public becoming better educated and less prepared to accept poor quality services, it’s time to set the standard and to maintain it.

  • Operating costs

    As an adviser, you want ‘value for money’ from your licensee, for example, the willing and efficient delivery of quality support services for a mutually agreed cost.

  • Cashflow

    Financial services businesses are as dependent on regular cash flow as any other business. It is the licensee’s responsibility, therefore, to ensure the timely distribution of fees and commissions/brokerages received.

  • Compliance

    Today’s climate of consumer protection requires increasing attention to compliance. At MyPlanner, the group-wide compliance, risk frameworks and controls that are in place, make sure the long-term interests of clients are represented.

  • Research

    Impartial, rigorous and responsive research is a fundamental element in the provision of effective support. We offer more than 200 products from leading fund managers on our approved product list (APL). These fund managers are subject to continuous and rigorous analysis and, before being placed on our APL are vetted and approved by our internal investment committee.

  • Technology

    We support both XPlan and Adviser Logic. As both of these systems are designed to automate financial planning functions, it unites the financial planning process from end-to-end.

  • Transition

    Changing licensees is often a cause for concern for many advisers. To ensure a smooth and seamless transition, we work closely with you through each stage of the process. As the licensee, we want to maximise the client time that is available to you. We will provide full support to help you transfer your data from your current software as well as training and support to help you maximise the benefits of our software and advice tools.

We have been providing financial advice services for over 20 years , and no bank or insurance company has ever been a shareholder.

Today so many of the key staff in today’s financial planning businesses are approaching retirement. But, our network is driven by ‘second generation’ specialists. These people have grown up with financial planning and offer both experience and energy to support our advisers. Our team of professionals and support staff work with our practice owners and their staff to help them achieve their business targets.

By developing and maintaining a professional and service-oriented culture, we treat each adviser as an individual. We give all our advisers the opportunity to shape and develop their businesses in the way they want. While constructive advice is offered, you are free to select the strategies, platforms and financial products within our APL that best suit your business and the needs of each of your clients.

“Rather than a one size fits all approach, our Advisers determine their client’s future based entirely on their needs and advice requirements

A Licensee such as MyPlanner can provide far reaching advantages. Whether you are a Financial Adviser, Accountant or both we can support you through the evolution of business and client relationships.

Talk to us now to take advantage of what we have to offer